Bushakan: A Business Built on Zaarly

Lauren’s husband’s love for glasses was getting out of control. Literally. After a quick online search for a stand was fruitless, Lauren turned to Zaarly. What started out as a simple request quickly turned into something much more.

Tobi, an architect and designer, responded to her request and offered to help. After Lauren posted a picture of the initial prototype on Path, she knew they were onto something, “People just really freaked out and said they wanted one.”

So, Lauren and Tobi decided to turn a one-time project into something bigger. They launched a Kickstarter Campaign and formed their new venture called Bushakan. Just one month after meeting on Zaarly, multiple designs have already been put into production.

Lauren and Tobi’s story is a just another magical example of our mission at Zaarly: connecting talented sellers with excited buyers. Amazing things happen at this moment—ideas turn to action, communities come together, and things just get done.

“That’s what’s interesting about Zaarly; it’s removing the barriers between people who have something in common.” - Tobi

The world gets smaller and business gets better when you’re able to connect with real people around you. That’s the kind of world we’re building at Zaarly. Join us today.

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Brooklyn ride home.  (Taken with Instagram at Broadway & Marcy)

Brooklyn ride home. (Taken with Instagram at Broadway & Marcy)

Beautiful day in NYC  (Taken with instagram)

Beautiful day in NYC (Taken with instagram)

Mind = Blown 

This is why I never want to play bass again.